SAFApply for tertiary institutions

Smarter application management for tertiary institutions

Who says admissions have to be hectic? Automate the entire process and watch more participants roll in with less administrative burden on staff

Manual errors

Reduce expensive
errors and overlapping

Some errors can cost you time and money. Put the process on auto-pilot and let SAFApply deal with sending messages, notifications or simply sort out who meets your admissions criteria

Too many files and documents

Receive application
documents and data

Easily migrate student records from the application stage to the very end. Records can easily be transferred on to SRMS to keep managing the admitted students throughout their studies till even after they graduate.

New application hurdle

Chaotic experience for new applicants

Join top-leading institutions around the world and provide an impressively smooth experience for potential students, right from the beginning. 

How SAFApply works

Don’t move, we’ll handle everything

The admission officer creates and publishes programs

The Admission officer uploads a list of courses that the institution offers with other information including curriculum, requirements, application process dates, and deadlines

Applicants find their desired choice and apply

Applicants visit your website to find available courses & programs in your institution and apply. When applicants click on apply, they will be redirected to the SAFApply portal to complete their application

Institutions receives and reviews applications

The Admission officer is notified of new applications and can log into the SAFApply portal to review applications and determine their eligibility for the program. The system ranks applicants based on the application criteria, making the job of the Application officer easier

Institution grants or rejects applications

The Admission officer can either accept or reject candidates into different courses/programs or move them to the next stage of the application process. With the click of a button, all applicants will be automatically notified of their application status

Institution sends out congratulatory letters

Admission letters are automatically sent to successful applicants via their registered email and registration can begin

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