SAFApply features

Take the
hassle out of

application admission registration

Stop letting the bulky application processes cost you potential new  students and participants. Running any organization is hard, but accepting new candidates doesn’t have to be

Introducing applicant management

Our latest addition

Centralized applicants management

SAFApply will streamline the entire application process and collate all related information in one place. Applicants’ data, payment history, essential documents, etc. are all stored and linked to applicants’ profiles and within seconds, the institution can access any information they need

With SAFApply, you can easily configure and customize your application setting and process and receive applications in minutes. You can also configure important settings for specific:

Application Fees



Application forms

Selected courses or subjects

Open roles

Course Management

Manage courses and training programs for your institution, publish course information and allow applicants to filter based on criteria including departments, attendance types, duration, and requirements. Simple

Secure Online Fees Payment

Applicants can pay for application fees online, quickly, and securely with no hassle! Reduce time-consuming tasks of fee management, tracking, and set up a seamless payment process for applicants. Payments are made through trusted gateways including Remita, Flutterwave, Paystack etc.

Detailed Report Generation

Generate numerous and diverse reports showing Revenue generated, Pending payments, total applications per opening or course and so many more to gain insights on the entire applications process. Customize reports to show information that is most useful to the institution.

Spend more time in class, not application process

Dynamic Forms

Let candidates appreciate filling online applications with dynamic forms. Configure flexible, interactive, and intuitive forms with different fields that pre-fill with related data, save applicants’ progress so they can complete later, make real-time updates, verify addresses and credit card information, and more.

Batch Processing

Process multiple applications for each stage of the application process. This means that multiple candidates can be selected and processed all at the same time. It saves the time and effort spent processing applications one-by-one.


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