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Automate your entire admission and registration process. Create and publish your application forms, receive payments and make admission decisions online. Notify applicants of changes to their status.

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Receive Applications Online

Reduce the cost it takes to process applications by receiving applications online, instantly via mobile phone, laptop, PC

Eliminate Volumes of Paper

Eliminate volumes of paper applications and generate instant reports, financial and application reports

Automate Enrollment Processe

Automate your entire enrollment process

SAFApply saves you all that extra costs

Spend no money on manual entries, invoicing, communication, compilations and printing

Maximize Resources

Spend fewer hours sorting through applications while maximizing your resources

Eliminate Too Much Application Files

Say goodbye to dealing with thousands of application files

Receive Application Documents Online

Receive your required application documents online and let SAFApply help you pre-screen and prioritize candidates based on your set criteria and filters.

Control Your Revenue

Be in control of your revenue from registration fees

Track Every Penny

Track every penny coming in and generate accurate financial reports instantly

Online Payment Option

Provide fast, secure, and convenient online payment options for your applicants

Access to Payment Gateway

Have access to multiple payment gateways for ease and convenience

Avoid Error

Avoid all the errors and inconsistencies in manually collating applicant’s information

Generate Report

Generate comprehensive and accurate summaries and reports.

Errors Reeks Inefficiency

Errors can be embarrassing, it reeks of inefficiency in the system. With SAFApply, the days of manual errors are over

Who is SAFApply for?

Made for Tertiary Institutions

Our solution is already available and in use at the tertiary education level.

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Made for Elementary and High Schools

Our solution is already available and in use for Elementary and High Schools

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Made for Businesses and Organizations

Our solution is already available and in use for Businesses and Organizations

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SAFApply Features

Centralized Applicants management

SAFApply will streamline the entire application process and collate all related information in one place


SAFApply will streamline the entire application process and collate all related information in one place

Secure Online
Fees Payment

Applicants can pay for application fees online, quickly, and securely with no hassle!


Keep applications informed of every step of the applications via SMS, email, and in-app notification

Dynamic Forms

Let candidates appreciate filling online applications with dynamic forms

Batch Processing

Process multiple applications for each stage of the application process


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